BA reviews Fighting the Tide by Kate Bramley, music by jez Lowe at Hull Truck Theatre.


Fighting the Tide

A Review

Hull Truck Theatre

You can never win

It is nice to see something original and “Fighting the Tide” was just that. This musical play by Kate Bramley deals with the promise that things will get better, but of course they never do, a promise that has been and will continue to be made till the end of time. The time in this instance is just beyond now.

A boat is washed up and the young men see it as an opportunity to sail off to make their fortune, but greed in the end is their downfall. Three actors tackle the eight parts, the main being Oddjob Eddom Saul played by Brendon Fleming, the man of letters Simon Peter and his son Boy Jack played by Paul Parris and his pregnant wife Janey Peter, and the castaway Magdelena are played by Isobel Pravda. All the actors are called on to sing ten new folk songs to prerecorded music, something that would have been better served by on stage musicians. Some nice songs emerge from the story, the most notable of which is “The net me father left me” and the man responsible was Jez Lowe writing his first music and lyrics for the stage — something he should do again. Brendon Fleming had a nice Irish voice which blended well with what was required of it and he showed signs of the stage beckoning him forward.

“Fighting the Tide” is in Hull from the 25th of March, 2002 to the 30th of March, 2002.

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